"The SIX MUST HAVES for Dentists to Compete and Stay Relevant in 2020 and beyond!”

There’s no disputing the fact: Linda Miles is the Matriarch of Dental Practice Management.  

When you think Dental Practice Management, you think LINDA MILES!!  

With a career spanning now into its fifth decade, the simple fact is:  

“If it hasn’t been said by Linda then it’s not worth hearing.”  

It’s been nine long years since Linda Miles WOWED audiences in Australia with her knowledge and wisdom about dental practice management, and how to build and maintain that SUCCESFUL dental practice.  

But that’s about to change…. THE WAIT IS OVER!!!! 

Linda has been coaxed back to return to Australia and present her TOUR OF OUTRAGEOUS OPPORTUNITIES!! 

Back by popular demand, Linda Miles will be returning to the LAND DOWN UNDER for two events only in August 2019.  

Whether you’ve seen Linda before, or you’ve seen her many times before, or God forbid, you’ve never seen her speak, you don’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to BRING YOUR ENTIRE TEAM to see Linda Miles present her award winning presentation:  

"The SIX MUST HAVES for Dentists to Compete and Stay Relevant in 2020 and beyond! 

in Melbourne on Saturday August 3 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre [MCEC] and in Sydney on Saturday August 10 at the International Convention Centre [ICCSydney]. 

DON’T DELAY. Ticket prices will go up on July 1!

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Here’s a small sample of WHAT LINDA WILL BE COVERING IN THIS INTENSE [but fun!] full day workshop: 

  • Communication (At the front desk, chair side, doctor to team, team to team, team to doctor, and ALL of your team to patients).  

"It isn't WHAT you say but HOW you say it".  

Learn how successful teams know the perfect lines of communication from telephone to reception and throughout each step of their clinical journey. Linda will share how small subtle communication changes can make huge differences to your practice, to your patients, and to your bottom line!  

  • Systems for Success (Scheduling, hygiene department, overhead Control).  

Learn the tricks of the trade in scheduling.  

Turn stressful days into higher productivity and ideal patient care days.  

Learn how dental hygiene is the foundation of a successful top tier practice.  

And with overhead: "It isn't the money you produce, it is the net profit that matters.”  

  • Marketing (External/Internal)

External marketing is anything the practice does to make the telephone ring and costs the practice thousands per year to do.  

Internal Marketing is how you treat patients BEFORE and AFTER they arrive....what you and your team do on each visit to retain that patient or family of patients.  

Dentists are throwing away many thousands per year in marketing if part two is not as effective as part one!  

Linda will share with you Dozens of GREAT marketing ideas that will get your entire team excited about their role in marketing inside and outside of your practice.  

  • Leadership That Creates Accountability (Assembling the Ideal Team).  

Many dental team members wish to learn and stay at the top of their game. They often invest in themselves by hungering for additional training. This course will instill into them that they have a wonderful career as a dental professional.  

  • The importance of Clinical Excellence

Clinical excellence is a necessity not only for the dentist, but the hygienist and clinical assistants as well.  

Linda will share with you and your team the best ways for ALL of the team to TALK UP the doctor’s clinical prowess so much that your patients will be TELLING YOU to book their next appointments!! 

Linda’s unique presentation phrases will immediately have your case acceptance numbers increasing!!  

  • Patient Retention.  

Hopefully you’re counting the number of new patients coming in to your dental practice but do you track the number that leave?  

And are you actively trying to minimise and reduce that number?  

Do you know why they left your practice? ... and how to avoid losing others for the same reasons?  

Linda will share with you the best TRIED AND TESTED ways of reducing that patient attrition that is KILLING most dental practices.  

DON’T DELAY. Ticket prices will go up on July 1!

LINDA MILES says: “Managing and growing a successful, happy dental practice has been my goal for many dentists who are now very successful.” She says: “My belief is that Dentistry is not about making a living.....but making a life worth living, not only for dentists, but also for teams and more importantly for all and each of your patients lucky enough to be coming to your dental practice.” LINDA MILES knows that for a dental practice to be successful, the dentists and team members who created those practices never lost sight of the fact that the patients always came first; the practice as a healthy business came second... They realized if the patients were happy, and if the practice was profitable, there would ALWAYS be many rewards both financially and emotionally for the dentists and the team members. These successful practices refused to sell themselves short and be governed by entities that asked them to compromise the care of their patients.  

DON’T DELAY. Ticket prices will go up on July 1!



Australia’s Dental Phone GURU, Jayne Bandy will explain the SAME exact processes she used, and teaches other dental offices to:  

1. Dramatically improve new patient call-in conversions to booked appointments... Yes, one office is up to 86% call-in conversion, so far…  

2. Retain existing patient appointments and... Prevent ongoing losses from appointment cancellations. And as you know, this is critical because cancellations are costing you a lot of money and a ton of wasted team hours, especially over time...  

These 2 things, alone... WILL eliminate the biggest sources of lost dollars your dental practice is currently experiencing.  


DR. DAVID MOFFET BDS FPFA CSP Dr David Moffet will share with you how he built the dental practice of his dreams …. And how he teaches other dentists to do the same, including one dental practice that went from doing less than $60,000 per month… to $1.8 Million per year, in less than two years!! Along with that, David will show you how to finally start doing the kind of dentistry you like doing, and stop doing the work (and seeing those patients) you can’t stand working with!... He’ll also share some of his unconventional ways of establishing deep and meaningful relationships with your patients, that leave patients feeling like you’re far more than just a “dentist”...  


DON’T DELAY. Ticket prices will go up on July 1!

Here’s what people have been saying about Linda Miles’s presentations:

“Linda Miles is the most influential Practice Management Consultant of all time. She inspires everyone around her and continually focuses on the positive. She has personally impacted my life and career more than anyone. This book is a must-read for all business owners and entrepreneurs alike.” Dr. Tanya A. Brown DMD FAGD  

“Linda Miles is a shining example of success in business and life. With her reputation of common sense and hard work, Linda built a nationally recognized practice management consulting business and is known in the dental world as an expert in the field. Linda Miles is a gifted communicator who has lectured to millions of dental auxiliaries and dentists worldwide. Having known Linda for over twenty years, I can confidently say that her greatest gift is her heart for people. Linda has a unique ability to tune in to people and encourage them to take bold steps in finding fulfilling life work, and I would not be where I am today without her mentoring and encouragement.” Dianne Watterson RDH MBA. Speaker. Author. Consultant  

“Linda Miles understands how to have a life filled with success and framed with significance. Her life story is inspiring, enlightening, and challenging..” Dr Nido R. Qubein. President High Point University Former President of National Speaker's Association  

Linda’s keynote address was from the heart and meant so much to the 300 dental assistants who attended our conference. We love having Linda as a writer and speaker. We are anxious to start working on new projects together very soon.” Kevin Henry. Managing Editor Dental Economics  

Linda’s inspiration has changed so many lives across the dental world. Her knack for reading people and truly caring is unique. We all love you Linda Kathy Metaxas. Platinum Professional Development. Perth. Western Australia.  

“Even though Linda had broken her ankle only a few weeks before, Linda insisted “the show must go on" and that she would make the journey to Australia and manage with wheel chairs and crutches. Linda received amazing feedback from the audience for her content and her fantastic ability to balance on one leg and speak for some 7 hours each day. WOW… What a WOMAN… Linda Miles is simply the best!! Ruth Port. Sydney. New South Wales.  

“In presentation of the Distinguished Service Award 2005: We are grateful for the contributions that you Linda have made to the growth and development of the Hinman Dental Society, the Hinman Dental Meeting and to the profession of dentistry. This award is the highest honour the meeting can bestow upon an individual. Your selection by the committee was unanimous and was immediately approved by the Executive Council” Dr Paul G. Isler DDS. General Chairman. Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting Dr Dan Dunwoody DMD. President. Hinman Dental Society of Atlanta  

“In my professional opinion, Linda Miles is by far the most influential Dental Practice Management Consultant of our lifetime. Linda is simply the “best”! Linda has an abundance of energy, that immediately gravitates to those that she touches. Her presentations are filled with thought, creativity and unselfish inspiration. Linda continues to inspire me through her generous mentorship, guidance and professional advice!” Allen M. Schiff Dental CPA. President of the Academy of Dental CPAs  

Here’s what attendees have been saying about Dr David Moffet’s presentations:  

“David gave an excellent presentation. Informative, thought provoking and highly enjoyable. Excellent. Really changed my mindset on a few things. Stimulating and Reinvigorating. I am so looking forward to putting so much of this into use in practice.” Dr. Ian Crutchley. Belfast. Northern Ireland.  

“Thank you David for a great day. Refreshing, insightful and motivational! Helpful step by steps, relevant stories, and engaging personality.” Dr. Vadi Vojdani. West Lakes. South Australia.  

“Thank you David for a great day. I definitely can use your tips on Monday. I go home now with a very clear mindset on my business carrying forwards, especially my staff selection. Advice on front desk reception was gold!” Dr. Linhlan Nguyen. Kaleen. Australian Capital Territory.  

“Our office 100% follows all Dr Moffet’s systems. I am proud to be a part of today’s seminar. Absolutely honoured to attend. I now have a better understanding of how to take care of difficult “shopper” patients and phone calls. We will definitely use it in our office on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!” Vera Fudin. Brooklyn. New York.  

“David Moffet’s workshop was truly inspiring, entertaining and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would not hesitate to return and to recommend it to other people.” Jo Wakefield. Kallangur. Queensland.  

“Hi David, I really enjoyed the day yesterday. I’ve been to quite a few seminars over the years on practice management usually from non-dentists or Americans, and I never get motivated to change anything. So I was a bit sceptical regarding what I might get out of your seminar. Suffice to say I was pleasantly surprised! When I get a moment I’m going to type up some notes and run off copies for my staff so we can discuss what we need to do. So thank you.” Dr. Andrew Langton-Joy. Canterbury. Victoria.  

Here’s what attendees have been saying about Jayne Bandy’s presentations:  

“Great presenter. Felt very involved. I learned some new phone techniques. The workshop was very worthwhile.” Margot Kelly-Basterd. Brisbane. Queensland.  

“Jayne was a wonderful speaker and quite funny too. I definitely came away with a better understanding of how to improve my phone skills with the advice and suggestions on how to word questions to patients.” Elaine Callan. New Farm. Queensland.  

“I appreciated the extra ideas and will be tweaking how I communicate with patients and will look forward to seeing the results. A very well presented workshop.” Helen Frobisher. Brisbane. Queensland.  

“I thought the workshop was great. I came away feeling inspired and more confident in the skills I already have and the ones I need to improve. Jayne you were very engaging and made the workshop really interesting. I will definitely be recommending your workshop to anyone who wants to learn more about phone excellence. Thanks again. Hopefully we will see you again in the future.” Alannah O’Sulliavan. Kensington. Victoria.  

“It was great to be able to attend with all my staff so we could start discussions to change and improve our practice. Thanks for all your excellent ideas.” Dr William Wong. Doncaster East. Victoria.  

DON’T DELAY. Ticket prices will go up on July 1!

** LINDA MILES will be on stage for 75% of the day!! **

Linda says:  

“I toured Australia doing dental seminars from 1992 to 2010. I'm now retired, living the good life in Florida but still love working with dental people I love, and in places I enjoy visiting. I hope ALL of my prior Australian dentists and their teams will come see me in Melbourne and Sydney in August. And I hope all the newer dentists will come with their teams so I can meet each of them personally before I REALLY retire.…”  

Linda Miles, CSP, CMC, is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker and author on dental practice management and team development. Linda is a successful businesswoman. Her firm, Linda L. Miles and Associates was a leading INC 500 firm. Linda has spoken in all 50 states of America, and on four continents She has authored four books and mentored many, many other dental consultants.


DON’T DELAY. Ticket prices will go up on May 13!

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